Product Development

Klaus Composites relies on the most advanced tools, design and simulation software, and prototyping methods to bring your designs to life. Our experienced creative and engineering staff provides the expertise required to make sure your products are launched, supported, and evolved successfully.

The Klaus Advantage

Outsourcing your product development to Klaus Composites offers a number of key advantages over developing in-house:

  • Klaus Composites is well-versed in research, optimization, and data validation
  • On-site design consulting available when necessary
  • Klaus Composites will provide full technical documentation including layout of anticipated operating conditions and assembly and end-user instructions as necessary
  • Development, iteration, and prototyping all under one roof using the most advanced tools and techniques available:
    • 3D Scanning
    • 3D printing
    • Traditional clay, foam, and wood modeling
    • Machining and fabrication including welding, cutting, and stamping
    • Finishing for picture-perfect prototypes that make marketing your idea easy