Motiv Motorsport E90 Fender Flares

Motiv Motorsport puts its engine software tuning prowess to work on its rolling test-bed; a BMW E90 335i. Putting its 900+ horsepower to the road is no small feat, and wider tires are an absolute must. Motiv needs an aerodynamically functional and visually tasteful flare solution to fit more rubber under the car that doesn't break the bank. We stepped in to make it happen:
3D scanning the factory fenders brings the car into the CAD workspace - a far faster, more accurate, and cost effective method over conventional foam or clay modeling techniques. Design feedback can be applied and the model altered in a matter of hours rather than days. 
A computer model of the shim was designed based off of the 3D data derived from the scan.
A model of the shim was printed in-house out of ABS using our FDM 3D printer to verify fit.
WIth a successful fit test and proof of concept using the printed ABS part, the 3D model can be used for large scale production out of a high-density plastic.