Junior Composite Technician

We are recruiting a composite technician trainee and assistant with long-term career aspirations to construct composite components and structures for a wide array of industries, studying under and working beside the owner and lead composite technician at our Winchester, VA facility.

The composites industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, with new applications and opportunities emerging daily thanks to a global increase in the demand for stronger, lighter, and more fuel-efficient high-performance structures, automobiles, and aircraft. Klaus Composites is uniquely poised to cater to this demand with its commitment to design and engineering innovation, and adoption and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies and methods. You will be playing a key role in the manufacture on exciting parts for projects that push boundaries in the motorsport, marine, aerospace, and other dynamic industries. 

Overview of Key Applicant Skills:
a) mechanically inclined with a keen attention to detail
b) well organized
c) able to listen to and act efficiently and independently based on verbal and/or written instruction
d) able to grasp and absorb concepts and techniques related to the layup and assembly of composite components and structures
e) understanding of weights, measures, and mixing ratios; reading tape measure, measuring weights and dispensing/applying materials based on data sheet specified mixing ratios and methods

Core responsibilities:
a) Preparing and organizing materials and supplies for the layup process
b) Assisting lead technician with large composite layups and vacuum bagging operations as necessary
c) Performing layups and bagging operations independently 
d) Perform basic surface preparation prior to finishing
e) Responsibilities and compensation expand with enthusiasm and growth in understanding and aptitude for the tasks assigned

Minimum Qualifications:
a) High School Diploma

Preferred Qualifications:
a) Trade experience e.g. automotive bodywork technician, mechanic, carpenter, etc.
b) Composite part fabrication experience, DIY or professional level acceptable 

Please email your résumé and a cover letter to Nick Large: [email protected]
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