Klaus Composites is dedicated to producing the highest quality composite parts for the aerospace, motorsport, medical, and sports/leisure industries using cutting edge materials and advanced techniques including resin infusion and out of autoclave prepreg curing. Our engineering team is available to assist you in developing your composite components to meet your weight and strength goals, while our skilled technicians and finishing department guarantee you receive beautiful, consistent parts with the right protective finish so your parts perform flawlessly and stand the test of time. Our capabilities include:
  • Carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid, and hybrid fabric reinforcement
  • Epoxy, bismaleimide, vinylester, and polyester matrices carefully selected to meet your strength, flexibility, flame resistance, and service temperature requirements
  • Prepreg, infusion, and wet layup
    • Multi-piece molding
    • Lost-core molding
    • Silicone bladder molding
    • Vacuum de-bulking
  • Foam and Nomex/aluminum honeycomb core
  • Professional Finishing
    • Priming, painting, and clear coating with high-quality, solvent resistant, UV stable automotive and aerospace specific coatings.


Klaus Composites uses FRP, epoxy board, monolithic graphite, or metallic tooling depending on volume and processing temperature requirements. Our machined patterns and tools are precision crafted to exacting tolerances in-house on our 3-axis CNC router, and molded tools are designed, built, and heat treated for maximum stability, durability, and adherance to design tolerances. All patterns and tools are handled with care and stored in a climate controlled facility to guarantee you receive consistent parts every time.

In addition to manufacturing finished components of all shapes and sizes, Klaus Composites works with other suppliers to develop the durable tooling and assembly fixtures they need to produce their own composite parts. Advanced surface coat technology and tooling resins and prepregs ensure long-lasting, dimensionally stable tools built specifically to suit your production needs.