About Us
Klaus Composites, LLC was founded in 2016 by Nicholas Large, a Virginia Tech graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over a decade of experience both in motorsport and in working with composite materials.

We strive to provide the best product development and composites manufacturing services available, and to further research, development, and collaborative work in the composites industry. Our composite work is of uncompromising quality and pushes the boundaries of what is possible both structurally and aesthetically. 

In addition to product development and private label manufacturing, we offer our own line of unique products for a variety of applications. View them on our products page.

View our home page for a small sample of our capabilities, and contact us for more in-depth information

About Composite Materials
Composite materials provide maximum flexibility for adjusting material properties to suit any given structure. A multi-layer woven composite laminate can be tuned in composition, thickness, geometry, and reinforcement orientation to strike the ideal balance between strength and weight. Short-strand fiber reinforced resin composites provide a light weight, durable, inexpensive, and corrosion resistant alternative to stamped, cast, or forged metallic parts.

Any industry can benefit from these advanced materials and their properties, and Klaus Composites is equipped to facilitate the cultivation of ideas using composites in a variety of structural and cosmetic applications.